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Fishing Nantucket



Nantucket Island is truly a special place and we are so fortunate to have world class fishing from June through mid October around our waters.  


June has proven to be the best month for fishing Striped Bass.  The stripers make their annual migration North in the mid to late May.  Water temperatures are in the mid 50's and the bass are chasing big schools of sand eels, herring and squid.  We target the stripers in both shallow water and also fish them in the many rips along the east end of Nantucket.  Fishing soft baits on the surface is one of our methods.  It is not uncommon to catch both Stripers and Bluefish on most trips.  Bluefish at times are very abundant and catching them on surface lures is very exciting.


As the waters warm up around Nantucket, The Atlantic Bonito start to show up.  They are part of the tuna/mackerel family.  Though small, the Bonito put up a very good fight on light tackle spin or the fly rod.  


September is the month that the False Albacore arrive around our waters.  A great fighting fish that will take lots of drag and peel out 50-100 yards of line.


On board the boat  we use 8' Shimano spin rods with Shimano reels.  For Fly fisherman, we use 8, 9, and 10 weight Sage fly rods with Tibor reels.  




George Barrett with a 40" Striped Bass

Mimi McFall shows off a nice False Albacore

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