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About our Captain's


Captain Hal Herrick

An island resident since 1980, Hal has been fishing the surrounding waters ever since he first stepped foot on Nantucket in the late 70's. Growing up on the coast of Long Island, Hal has been educated in many different methods on how to catch the ever elusive Striped Bass.  After graduating from Hartwick College in 1979, Hal moved to South Florida and took a job working on a large sport fishing boat in Ft Lauderdale. For several years he traveled throughout the Bahamas and Florida Keys fishing for Sailfish and Marlin. During the summers, Hal traveled to Gloucester and Provincetown and fished for Giant Tuna.  He personally has caught several Tuna, the largest weighing 965 lbs. Eventually he settled down in Nantucket and began sharing in his passion of fishing with his sons Tyler and Sam.  Wanting to share his knowledge of local fishing, Hal started Sankaty Head charters (now Nantucket Fishing) in the summer of 1996.  Hal specializes in light tackle sight casting and all things Fly Fishing.  When he's not fishing, Hal is working as a Nantucket Real Estate Agent for Lee Real Estate.  For those interested in buying, selling, or renting send Hal an email!




Captain Sam Herrick 


Growing up on Nantucket, Sam has certainly been educated in fishing the surrounding waters.  Sam has been running boats alongside his father for as long as he can remember- adopting the same passions, knowledge, and appreciation for the industry.  After his graduation from Wentworth Tech in 2011, Sam obtained his 100 ton Captain's license and returned to Nantucket.  He began working in the maritime industry as a first mate, in boat delivery, and even as a boat launch driver.  Sam finally teamed up with his Dad in the summer of 2013 to help with the ever growing clientele.  


Capt. Hal Herrick


Capt. Sam Herrick 

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